OAUNI multiband photometry of SN2022hrs


18 de mayo de 2022


We report multiband photometry of Type Ia SN2022hrs (TNSTR-2022-994, TNSCR-2022- 997) on 2022-05-02 (UT) gathered with the OAUNI 51cm telescope (Pereyra et al. 2015; arXiv:1512.03104) at Huancayo Observatory, Peru. CCD imaging using BVRI filters was performed under non-photometric conditions (seeing ~1.8") and airmass lower than 1.2. Total integration times of (45x20s=900s) for V, R and I filters, and (60x20s=1200s) for B filter yielded: Date (UT) filter mag 2022-05-02.208 B 12.54 +/- 0.22 2022-05-02.087 V 12.38 +/- 0.14 2022-05-02.104 R 12.52 +/- 0.10 2022-05-02.190 I 13.21 +/- 0.13. UCAC4 field stars were used for the zero point calibration. Following the GELATO classification (TNSCR-2022-997), our measurements are very close to the maximum brightness. The OAUNI project is supported by UNI, TWAS, IGP and ProCiencia-Concytec (Convenio 133-2020 Fondecyt).


Pereyra, Antonio ; Tello, J. ; Zeballos, M. ; de Almeida, L. ; Espinoza, M. ; Alvarado, D.



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