The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru visited London

Nota Informativa

13 de octubre de 2023 - 1:00 p. m.

Ana Cecilia Gervasi, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, visited London on the occasion of the celebration of 200 years of Peru- UK relations.

Minister Gervasi held a meeting with James Cleverly MP, in which both agreed on the excellent state of the bilateral relation and discussed initiatives to be explored in order to build the agenda for the next 200 years of friendship between the two countries. Minister Gervasi also held meetings with:
-The Chair of the Peru-All-Party Parliamentary Group, David Mundell MP.
- Christopher Sabatini, Director for Latin America from Chatham House and Vanessa Rubio, Associate Dean of LSE School of Public Policy to discuss a training programme in Public Management aimed for public officials in Peru, which will be organised with the support of the British Government, Anglo American and Rio Tinto.

The Minister opened the event "Investment in Peru: Mining and strategic sectors", organised by the Embassy in collaboration with Anglo American and EY Peru to highlight the conditions in key economic areas such as mining and infrastructure, that render Peru a highly attractive and competitive investment destination. Representatives of Anglo American, Mace Group and Doctor Manuel Glave were part of the panel of discussion.

Regarding the cultural scope, Minister Gervasi received a collection of unpublished audio material by William David Tomkins from the British Library, containing invaluable Afro-Peruvian musical pieces as well as interviews of Peruvian artists collected during the 1970s. Furthermore, the Minister received archaeological pieces recovered by the Embassy, including pre-Columbian textiles and pottery that were in the United Kingdom and that will now be returned to Peru.

Minister Gervasi's visit to the United Kingdom bears special significance as it was held simultaneously with FCDO Minister for Americas & Caribbean, David Rutley's visit to Peru, on the 10th of October, to commemorate the 200 years of relations.