Opening of the London Design Biennale and the Spain-Peru stand “Common Vibrations” at the world famous Somerset House.

Nota Informativa
Common V

1 de junio de 2023 - 7:55 a. m.

From 1 to 25, June, the LDB expects to receive more than 300,000 visitors. An extraordinary opportunity to promote culture ties between Spain and Peru, through a percussion instrument: El Cajón.

We’re excited to be part of the fourth edition of the London Design Biennale, presenting a Peru-Spain pavilion “COMMON VIBRATIONS” at the world-famous Somerset House. All of you are invited, join us from 1 to 25 June.
Common Vibrations is an audio and visual installation that showcases the cultural heritage shared by two countries, Spain and Peru, through a percussion instrument: the ‘cajón’.
This collaborative project – in which over 50 students from various Arts and Architecture schools in Madrid, Toledo and Arequipa have participated in the ideation, design and construction of the installation– invites visitors to delve into a percussion dialogue to discover this shared cultural symbol.
The installation interconnects three elements through sound: the 'tablao' in which the ‘cajones’ are presented; an audio and visual performance of two percussionists, located both in Peru and Spain; and a cartography that explains the ethnographic link between the instrument and the territory. The austerity of the ‘cajón’ is further signified in how the installation has been transported to Somerset House – in a folding packaging system that serves, once opened, as a ‘tablao’.
Our special thanks to the Curator, Covadonga Blasco; and the designers, the School of Architecture of the Catholic University of Santa María UCSM (Arequipa, Peru); the School of Architecture of Toledo and SUR School of Arts (Madrid, Spain)