Commercial activity grew 2.38% in January of 2024

Nota de prensa

22 de March de 2024 - 10:50 a. m.

In January 2024, the commerce sector registered a growth of 2.38%, compared to the same month of the last year, driven by the wholesale trade, the retail trade and the automotive trade.
The wholesale trade increased by 2.42%
The wholesale trade grew by 2.42% determined by the greater sale of solid, liquid, gas fuels and lubricants; mainly targeted to mining sector, retail gas stations and distributors of domestic gas. Likewise, the sale of other type of machinery and equipment for mining, industry and health sectors such as heavy-duty machinery, topographic equipment, instruments and measuring machines, medical and laboratory devices.
In addition, the sale of other household goods due to a greater distribution of pharmaceutical products such as cosmetic, household appliances, tableware and glassware, optical articles, stationery items, desk supplies and books.

The same trend presented the non-specialized sale due to the greater rotation of surgical devices, bio-chemical products and agro-chemical products, vehicular security products, industrial lubricants, audio equipment and professional video, computer and industrial security features, personal protective equipment and nutritional products.
Likewise, the sale of agriculture machinery equipment and supplies registered an increase before the greater demand of irrigation engineering products. In addition, the sale of computers, peripheral equipment and computer programs due to renovation of hardware and software. Nevertheless, the sale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and its parts; and the sale of textile products.
Retail trade progresses by 2.81%
The retail trade registered an increase of 2.81%, driven by the sale of fuel for vehicles. This was explained due to the greater demand of lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas and vehicular natural gas in gas stations.
In addition, the sale of new products in specialized warehouses, such as personal safety products, agricultural inputs, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, watchmaking and jewelry. Likewise, the sale of computers, peripheral equipment and computer programs experienced a notable growth, driven by the replacement of personal computers, printers and desktop computers before the campaigns of start of the academic year, with the acquisition of equipment, hardware and software updates.
In addition, it was registered an increase in the sale of pharmaceutical and medicine products, cosmetic and toiletries, favored by trade discounts and the new presentation of products, advertising campaigns and special offers.
The good performance of the sale of foods in specialized stores was attributed to the improves in inventory strategies, attention of the demand in poultry, butchers and delicatessens and customer loyalty.
Other types of sale non performed in stores, sales points or markets increased due to the greater sale of snacks and beverages through vending machines and sales by catalog. At the same time, the sale of equipment of audio and video in specialized stores grew due to the attention of the local market demand.
Finally, the sale of household appliances, furniture, lighting equipment and other articles for the household registered an increase due to the greater demand of fans, potable air conditioner, as well as white, gray and brown line products.
On the other hand, the sale of hardware covers, paints and glass products; the sale in stores by department; the sale of clothing items and footwear; and the sale in supermarkets and mini-markets.
Automotive trade had a slight growth
The automotive trade reported in January 2024 an increase of 0.13%, driven by the greater sale of parts, pieces and accessories of automotive vehicles in response to commercial strategies in virtual platforms. Likewise, the sector of maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles registered a growth due to a greater vehicular flow.
On the other hand, the sale of automotive vehicles and the sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and its parts, pieces and accessories decreased.