Mining and hydrocarbons sector grew 9.34% in December of the last year

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1 de February de 2023 - 10:00 a. m.

In December of 2022, the production of Mining and Hydrocarbons sector increased in 9.34% compared to the level achieved in the same month of the year 2021 and accumulated a growth of 0.35%, for the period January- December of the year 2022; this was informed by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), in the technical report Conjuncture Progress of the Economic Activity.
This performance was explained due to dynamism of the metallic mining activity that increased in 11.05%, determined by the greater volumes produced of iron (99.4%), copper (19.2%), lead (3.2%) and tin (2.3%); nevertheless, it decreased the production of molybdenum (-12.1%), silver (-6.4%), gold (-4.0%) and zinc (-2.7%).
On the other hand, the hydrocarbons subsector decreased in 1.03% explained due to the lower extraction of liquids of natural gas (-4.9%); result that was compensated in part by the greater exploitation of crude oil (4.0%) and natural gas (0.9%).
In 2.81% decreased the Fishing sector
During the month under analysis, the production of Fishing sector decreased in 2.81% due to the lower extraction of species of maritime origin (-4.76%), of species intended for indirect human consumption (resource anchovy for fish meal and fish oil), registering an extraction of 1 039 432 tons, against the 1 081 185 tons reported in December of the year 2021, which was translated in a reduction of 3.86%, behavior that was reported during the second month of the Second Fishing Season in the North-Center zone of the Peruvian coastline.
Also, it was affected the landing for direct human consumption (-6.84%), of species intended for fresh state consumption (-11.64%), cured (-53.89%), the preparation of frozen (-1.55%) and manufacturing of canned (-12.73%). Nevertheless, the continental origin fishing grew in 32.75% associated to the greater extraction of species for fresh state, cured and frozen consumption.
Production of electricity subsector increased 4.19% in January of the year 2023
According to preliminary figures, as of January 30 of 2023, the electricity subsector increased in 4.19%, supported in the greater generation of energy of thermoelectric origin (18.8%) and of renewable energy (0.6%); meanwhile it contracted the generation of energy of hydroelectric origin (-3.5%).
Among the companies that registered the greater production it outstood: Engie, Enel Generación Perú, Kallpa Generación, SDE Piura, Statkraft Perú, Enel Generación Piura, Orazul Energy Perú, Chinango and Parque eólico Tres Hermanas, among the main ones.
Domestic cement consumption decreased in 6.72%
In December of the year 2022, domestic cement consumption decreased in 6.72% as a result of the lower construction of private works and self-construction, compared to the level registered in December 2021.
Investment expenditure the Central Government increased in 18.21%
In December of the last year, the Investment Expenditure of the Central Government (S/ 9 047 million) increased in 18.21%, due to the greater expense in the construction of public works and in lower measure to the acquisition of machinery, equipment and other actives. On the other hand, the consumption expenditure of the Central Government in nominal terms totalized S/ 16 317 million, registering a reduction of 2.66%, compared to December of the year 2021.
Consumption loans increased in 23.35%
In December of 2022, consumption loans placed in S/ 68 574 million, increasing in 23.35% compared to the same month of the last year. The same trend was reported in the mortgage loans that totalized S/ 60 343 million, that increased in 7.59% compared to the same month of 2021. On the other hand, it decreased the loans granted to big, medium and micro-enterprises by reaching S/ 227 667 million, a lower figure in 4.48%.
On the other hand, the placement of credit cards of multiple bank reached 6 million 750 thousand units and registered a growth of 12.43%, comparing to the same month of the year 2021.
Total imports showed a positive behavior
With information as of January 26 of 2023, in December of the last year, the total imported amount totalized US$ 4 848 million and increased in 0.30%, compared to the value registered in December 2021. This positive result was supported in the greater acquisition of raw materials and intermediate products, by placing in US$ 2 567 million and showing a variation of 8.21%.
Nevertheless, it decreased the import of consumer goods by totalizing US$ 945 million, with a reduction of 11.67%; as well as the purchase of capital goods and construction materials that reached US$ 1 336 million, with a decrease of 3.60%, compared to December of the year 2021.