Consultar último sismo en Perú

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Stay informed about the country's seismic activity through the Centro Sismológico Nacional (CENSIS), a service that offers data such as epicenter, magnitude, exact time, among other details of the last earthquake that occurred in Perú.

CENSIS collects data obtained in real time by the National Seismic Network through velocity sensors and other instruments that monitor the tectonic plates (Nazca and South American) and any geological event that may generate a seismic movement.

Other CENSIS products

Taking into account the occurrence of earthquakes in the country, CENSIS has several products that it generates and issues for the free access of citizens:

  • Último sismo: it is issued immediately after an earthquake occurs in the national territory, and reports its latitude, longitude and depth, as well as its magnitude and intensity on the Modified Mercalli (MM) scale.
  • Sismos reportados: information of all seismic and accelerometric reports issued by CENSIS, classified by month.
  • Mapas sísmicos: access to information that allows delimiting the seismogenic zones present in Peru, being basic information for the different studies that lead to seismic prevention.
  • Datos sísmicos: accesses the Peruvian seismic database classified in Historical Earthquakes occurred between 1471 - 1959 and Instrumental Earthquakes occurred after 1960.