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If you need access to the database and technical documentation of the main surveys and records that the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) had performed, you may do it through the Microdata platform.

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Before you start, you must know:

When entering the Microdata system, select between the options of "Consulta por encuestas" or "Documentación". In order to search, you may write down the research you are interested in, as well as the year and period and a list of available modules for each survey.

You may download the database in the statistical format SPSS, CSV, STATA, or DBF and the methodological documentation in PDF format.

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You may also access to the complete technical documentation and download (in PDF, DDI or RDF format) or display online the complete data sheet, dictionary of variables, working plan, information of data collection and data processing, indicators and quality evaluation, questionnaires, directories, reports, guidebooks, methodology, decrees and other technical documentations of interest, Entering the Platform ANDA.